Super simple zippered project bag for those who normally have a fear of zippers.

Needs – Main fabric, lining fabric, zipper, pins, thread Optional - Rotary blade, quilt square cutting block thingys (can't think of the real name right now)

1) Cut a rectangle of fabric the width of your entire zipper and twice as long as you want your finished bag out of both your main fabric and your lining.

2) Put your fabrics with the right sides together.
3) Sew the two sides that are the width of your zipper. This will create a tube of fabric. Flip it right-side out and iron it flat.

4) Sew your zipper to each finished edge. This will create a tube that will be the length of your finished project bag.

5) Fold your bag so the zipper is slightly down from the top.

6) Flip your bag so the wrong-side is out.
7) Sew up the sides of your project bag. MAKE SURE YOUR ZIPPER IS NOT ZIPPED ALL THE WAY WHEN YOU SEW THE SIDES!!!
Optional: I like to zig-zag up the sides to prevent future fraying.

8) Flip right-side out and enjoy!