Doctor Who Ribbed Cowl
Dr_Who_Ribbed_Cowl.jpg Dr_Who_Ribbed_Cowl_2.jpg
This was made to match my ribbed Doctor Who wrist warmers. It picks up the scarf pattern where the wrist warmers left off. This pattern makes a cowl about 8.5 inches long.
Note: This looks a bit tight in pictures, but it has a lot of stretch to it.

I want to give some credit where credit is due…
This pattern is a little of me, a little “Doctor Who Cowl” by Ilea Davis, and a little “Doctor Who Scarf – Season 12” by Chris Brimelow.

Stuff you will need:
Size 8 Double Pointed Needles
Yarn Needle
Stitch marker (to mark the beginning of a row)
Purple – Red Heart Soft Grape
Tan – Red Heart Soft Wheat
Brown – Red Heart Soft Toast
Blue – Red Heart Soft Mid Blue (Real scarf is a blue-ish grey, but I like blue in this mix.)
Green – Red Heart Soft Leaf
Yellow – Red Heart Soft Honey
Red – Red Heart Soft Paprika
(These colors aren’t perfect, but I think they look really nice together.)

Work K2 P2 ribbing for all rows
On size 8 DPN - CO 120 in purple (If you want it looser, CO any multiple of 4 stitches more.)
Join into a circle
2 rows purple
6 rows green
4 rows blue
2 rows yellow
5 rows red
2 rows purple
10 rows brown
3 rows tan
2 rows blue
10 rows red
CO in rib
Weave in the ends