Doctor Who Adipose Dishcloth


This is a silhouette of an Adipose baby from the TV show Doctor Who. Feel free to alter this pattern if you want to add a face (it kept looking silly when I tried so I left it off).

Adipose belong to the BBC, so please do not sell items made from this pattern.

CO 35

R1 – 5) K35

R6) K4 P27 K4 (All even rows unless otherwise notes)

R7) K11 P4 K4 P4 K12

R9) K11 P5 K2 P5 K12

R11) K12 P4K2 P4 K13

R13) K11 P12 K12

R15) K10 P14 P11

R17) K10 P14 P11

R19) K10 P14 P11

R21) K10 P14 P11

R23) K7 P2 K1 P14 K11

R25) K6 P18 K11

R27) K6 P19 K10

R29) K7 P21 K7

R31) K8 P22 K5

R33) K9 P21 K5

R35) K10 P14K2 P3 K6

R37) K10 P14 K11

R39) K10 P14 K11

R41) K11 P12 K12

R43) K13 P8 K14

R45) K35

R47 – 51) K35

BO and watch the fat…I mean….dirt just walk away.