Doctor Who Hat
I already made a pattern for wrist warmers so I felt the need for a hat to complete the ensemble. (I had the extra yarn just staring at me saying, “Use me!”)

The pattern as written will give you an adult sized hat. (Fits up to a male or a female with lots of hair – like me.) If you want a smaller hat CO 68 or 64.

I want to give some credit where credit is due…
This pattern is a little of me, a little of “Heather’s Firefly Hat” by Emisanboo a little “Doctor Who Cowl” by Ilea Davis, and a little “Doctor Who Scarf – Season 12” by Chris Brimelow.

Stuff you will need:
Size 10.5 DPN and/or circular needle
Yarn Needle
Pom-pom maker (optional)
Purple – Red Heart Soft Grape
Tan – Red Heart Soft Wheat
Brown – Red Heart Soft Toast
Blue – Red Heart Soft Mid Blue (Real scarf is a blue-ish grey, but I like blue in this mix.)
Green – Red Heart Soft Leaf
Yellow – Red Heart Soft Honey
Red – Red Heart Soft Paprika
(These colors aren’t perfect, but I think they look really nice together.)

CO 72 in yellow
Join into a circle
Work K2 P2 ribbing in yellow for 4 rows
Stop ribbing (go to just knitting)
6 rows green
2 rows purple
11 rows tan
3 rows brown
6 rows blue
2 rows red
4 rows purple
2 rows tan (skip these two rows if you CO less)
K2 together in tan (purple if you CO less) until you have 3-ish stitches left
Pull yarn through loops and tie off (Not BO)
Weave in ends

Can be spaced evenly, but I prefer them to be placed slightly towards the back so the space in front for your face is slightly bigger.

Pick up 20 stitches from the bottom edge of your hat using size 10.5 needles
Wrong side - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Right Side
R1 – P20
R2 – K20
R3 – P20
R4 – K20
(Yes, I had 4 rows to represent the Doctor with the ultimate scarf ^_^)
R5 – P2 together, P to end
R6 – K2 together, K to end
Continue R5/R6 until you only have 1 stitch left – pull yarn through to make a knot. Do not weave this end in, leave it LONG
Cut LONG strings in all 7 colors and attach them like a tassel. Braid and tie them off. (Including the string from knitting the ear flap.)

Make a pom-pom out of all 7 colors. I used a 2.5 inch pom-pom maker for this. I found that tying the pom-pom with three string (6 ends) is good for securing the pom-pom to the hat.